LPG is safer than a conventional petrol fuel system

LPG Safety

Our advice

  • DON’T

    have your system fitted UNLESS the installers are approved and certified to install the system you have selected.

  • DON’T

    forget to service your LPG system. Like any mechanical thing, regular maintenance will save you time and money in the long run.

  • DON’T

    run your car on low or no petrol. Always have a little in the vehicle for start up and emergencies.

  • DON’T

    keep throwing your money away – LPG is half the price of petrol. What are you waiting for?

LPG is not new. It has used for many decades all over the world. Its use as a fuel for the combution engine is relatively new although there are already nine million vehicles worldwide driving on LPG (115, 000+, UK).

The UK standards for LPG equipment, appliances and their installation and for storage and handling are among the best in the world. Testing carried out on LPG tanks is rigourous. Tanks are tested for safety in use, safety in repair and safety on impact. LPG tanks must withstand enormous impact forces without deforming or leaking and are generally considered to be much stronger and safer than conventional petrol or diesel tanks, as a result.

LPG System Safety Features

  • A 3mm welded steel pressure cylinder stress tested to 3 times its normal operating pressure. Tested to withstand enormous impact and stress
  • In case of fire the tank is designed to withstand enormous pressure and very high temperatures. A purge valve is fitted to the tank which means it’s not possible for the tank to explode in extreme circumstances. Crash and fire tests have proved that the strength and integrity of tanks fitted to LPGA safety guidelines (CoP11) make the LPG fuel system safer than petrol.
  • Tanks are designed and tested to ensure they cannot leak whilst the engine is not running – providing an immediate cut off.
  • Two electronic shut-off solenids (on cylinder and in engine) which cuts the supply of gas, if the engine stops, stalls.
  • Solenoid valves automatically shut off supply in the event any damage to the system occurs
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