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It is better for the Environment It halves the cost of fuel

Save environment and save money - Happy Days!!

Go Green

Climate change affects us all. Infact it will affect the generations after us. We all have a responsibility to play our part in reducing harmful gases and pollutants that contaminate our atmosphere.
Choose LPG fuel – make a difference and lower your carbon footprint.

  • One diesel vehicle emits 120 times the fine particles of an equivalent LPG vehicle
  • It takes 20 LPG vehicles to emit the same amount of NOx as one diesel vehicl

In 2003 the European Emissions Testing Programme confirmed the environmental benefits and credentials of LPG vehicles. Tests were carried out at four independent laboratories across Europe testing petrol, diesel & LPG vehicles.

These tests confirmed that LPG vehicles produce:

CO2 Carbon Dioxide is harmless to human health but is a ‘greenhouse gas’ and is considered to play a major role in global warming.

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  • Less carbon dioxide than petrol (17%)
  • Less carbon dioxide than diesel (2%)

NOx Oxides of nitrogen are commonly related to the smog pollutant. Excessive amounts of oxides of nitrogen, particularly nitrogen dioxide (NO2) can cause death in plants and roots and damage agricultural crops.

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  • Less nitrogen dioxide than petrol (50%)
  • Less nitrogen dioxide than diesel (85%)

Small particle emissions are related to health effects including increased risk of heart and lung disease and asthma.

  • 120 times less small particle emissions than diesel vehicles
CONCAWE REPORT - 2005 - published by UKLPG

Bust the Credit Crunch

Converting your vehicle to LPG will save you money in many different ways.

LPG Price

The price of LPG is typically 50% of the cost of petrol/diesel. The good news is that this is fixed for the next 3 years by the government. LPG continues to provide a cheaper, more sensible alternative to traditional fuels. This is promoted by the government through significant taxation subsidies. They have guaranteed not to increase the price of LPG by more than 1p per litre each year. So we will all go on saving for a while to come.

Reduced Taxation

Some vehicles that run LPG fuel may qualify for discounts on Vehicle Excise Duty, Congestions Charge and reduced parking rates (in certain boroughs).

Vehicle Excise Duty Discounts

Most vehicles running LPG fuel are entitled to a discount. The amount of discount is dependant upon the vehicle, age and tax band rating for petrol (g/km).

Congestion Charge Discounts

Vehicles found on the powershift register, may qualify for congestion charge discounts and exemptions from the charge. Qualifying vehicles must submit an application form to Transport for London – further detail can be found at tfl.gov.uk.

Reduced Parking Rates
The following boroughs offer reduction in parking rates within the borough for LPG cars:
  • Residents Parking
  • London Borough of Barnet
  • Islington Council
  • Westminster City Council
  • London Borough of Richmond
  • Haringay Municipal Parking
  • Sheffield
  • Milton Keynes
  • East Sussex County Council
Cost of Fitting LPG

The cost of having an LPG unit fitted to your vehicle is very small. By adding a second fuel system to your vehicle, you also increase the resale value. Most customers find that the system has paid for itself within 12 months of purchase (based on 12000 miles per year). The unit continues to deliver these savings year on year, providing you 100% return on your investment each year.

Reduced Engine Wear

LPG is much cleaner, it produces less particles than petrol or diesel fuels. These particles reside on the engine causing engine wear, eventually causing parts to provide diminished performance or fail. Cleaner fuel means more than just cleaner air out of the exhaust. It means cleaner air in the engine, which means less wear and tear, reducing the potential for mechanical failure. So you can enjoy many many more miles between trips to the garage. The reduction in trips to the garage will help the pocket too!